Frequently Asked Questions on the UK’s exit from the European Union

Prepared by the Scottish Parliament this SPICe briefing 20-11  provides answers to their most frequently asked questions on the UK’s exit from the European Union as well as giving detailed information under the  headings of People, Law and institutions and Looking ahead.



EU bookshop

Europe flag

The EU Bookshop is an online bookshop, library and archive of publications from the EU institutions and agencies going back to 1952 and includes work produced jointly with partner institutions. Most publications can be downloaded in pdf format free of charge.

It is accessible via  the  EU Law and Publications portal.

#LibrariesMatter because…

In the lead up to the local government election in May CILIP in Scotland will be campaigning for libraries across Scotland and showing why #LibrariesMatter.  SWOP members can help with this campaign.

If you would like to know more and become more involved take a few minutes to visit:

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SPICe Briefings on Europe

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre produce an excellent selection of research briefings available to view on EU and International Affairs.  You can view more about the history of the EU, the Institutions involved and the impact of EU membership in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament offers a free eBulletin newsletter with information about future debates and events. This is issued each week, normally on Friday afternoon and SPICe include information on their briefings in this publication. Registration is required.

UK EU Referendum – info

The UK government is now committed to a referendum on EU membership. Last month Patrick Overy (University of Exeter European Documentation Centre (EDC) Librarian) produced a selection of links and resources on the subject:

Patrick Overy (EDC Librarian) and Subject Librarian (Business)
Forum Library, University of Exeter