Announcing the GIG Award Winners 2019

The GIG Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 GIG Awards.

This year the Annual Award has been awarded to the GKIM Knowledge Management Task & Finish Group for their collaborative work on developing a Maturity Model to support implementation of the HMG Knowledge Principles.

The GIG Judging Panel were struck by how well a team, comprising 19 volunteers from a range of government depts and Agencies, had come together to work creatively and collaboratively to develop a robust and usable tool which will raise the profile and understanding of knowledge management in government departments and beyond. It was noted that all of the T&F Group had selflessly taken on this role in addition to their busy day jobs.

Congratulations team on a great contribution to the GKIM profession and on winning the GIG 2019 Annual Award!!

The Awards keep coming in for Fiona Laing who is the winner of the GIG Life-time Achievement Award for 2019. Fiona was also recently named the Scottish Library & Information Professional of the Year for 2019. Many congratulations Fiona on both of your very well-deserved awards.

Fiona’s nomination for the GIG Life-time Achievement Award outlined her many achievements during a long career working with government information in the form of Official Publications, and specifically highlighted her outreach and training work. Fiona has worked tirelessly to promote Official Publications and ensure that they are as widely available and accessible as possible. In addition, she was commended for her work with SWOP (Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications) and CILIP, demonstrating the significant and highly-valued contribution Fiona has made to the wider profession in a number of different areas.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Posting on SWOP Forum

All members of SWOP are invited and encouraged to post onto this site. We welcome any posts relevant to the world of Official Publications. If you don’t already have access, please contact the Webmaster for information.

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Introducing Scott McGregor, Business Committee member

Scott McGregor

I’m part of the Liaison and Service Delivery teams in the Library and Learning Centre at the University of Dundee. I have been part of the Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications since 2014. Initially I was tasked with updating the OP directory entry for Dundee. Doing this it became apparent that there was a significant gap in our OP knowledge within the Library. The last member of staff who dealt with our OPs had retired several years earlier. Roles had changed and as in every library people were having to take on multiple duties.

Being part of the group has been a fantastic chance to network and share knowledge. Ideally I would like to see all the Scottish academic libraries represented on SWOP. I’ve benefited from the support and knowledge provided by SWOP. Fiona Laing (National Library of Scotland) provided support when we were developing our Library guides for staff and students, spotting out of date links and highlighting new resources. Sharron Wilson (Advocates Library) recently provided me with a tour and overview of her work, which was very interesting. Wendy Kenyon (SPICe) helped when we recently developed a training & development session for library staff. Meeting Kirsteen Valenti and Sonny Maley (University of Glasgow) has highlighted that we have a lot of library issues in common. Sonny’s posts at University of Glasgow Library are always interesting and entertaining. Everyone in the group is helpful and friendly.

I’m a fairly new member on the Business Committee, but I can definitely sense an energy to push on with new ideas, and increase membership within the group. The growth of official online information brings challenges as well as opportunities for wider access, and SWOP is at the forefront of this in Scotland. As mentioned above I would love to see more academic libraries join SWOP. To this end we are developing a community of interest for academic libraries within SWOP. In my role at Dundee official publications have an important place on reading lists, the curriculum, and learning and teaching across all subjects taught at the University (for example, Nursing, Education and Town Planning). The popular courses provided by the Centre for Archive and Information Studies bring regular OP enquiries from students, many from distance learners.

Being part of SWOP means you always have someone to call on.

Introducing Morag Higgison, SWOP Business Committee member


MoragHiggison  I work as a Librarian in the Scottish Government (SG) Library and my first introduction to SWOP was via a colleague who played an active role within the group.  He always had positive things to say about SWOP so when he retired and asked if I would take over I was very interested to see for myself the diverse agenda and hear the various discussions that take place at SWOP meetings. I certainly have not been disappointed. I attended SWOP meetings throughout the year and found the meetings topical, relevant and practical and have gained much from this experience .  After attending a few meetings there was a vacancy for the Business Committee.  At first I was a wee bit hesitant in putting my name forward as working in a government Library can be unpredictable, never knowing how busy you are going to be or what specialist projects may come up that require time and commitment.  I am now part of the BC and find that this role fits well with my work in the SG Library. I have developed a greater understanding of official publications during my work with the BC, through working collaboratively with committee members, organising events, the sharing of skills and knowledge via training events, attending the AGM and external visits to other organisations and their libraries.

Being part of SWOP and the Business Committee offers a great networking opportunity as currently we have members from many different libraries and organisations.  It’s been helpful in that everyone is friendly and approachable and has been a great learning experience.

If you would like more information on the work of the Business Committee or would like to join  please contact Fiona Laing – SWOP Chair.







#LibrariesMatter because…

In the lead up to the local government election in May CILIP in Scotland will be campaigning for libraries across Scotland and showing why #LibrariesMatter.  SWOP members can help with this campaign.

If you would like to know more and become more involved take a few minutes to visit:

Share your posters with us!

SWOP Directory – annual update

Hello all

Last call to check and update the SWOP Directory of Official Publications in Scotland before the AGM.

Many thanks to those who have already replied. Your entries are up-to-date and shiny!

Could everyone else please take a moment to look at the entry for your organisation and let me know if anything needs changed or amended? Bear in mind your entry might be in the ‘archived’ section at the bottom of the main list. It would be especially good to get those ones updated this year.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes


JA Condie (webmaster)

New Directory entry: Supreme Courts Library

I’d like to draw your attention to a new entry in the SWOP Directory as well as a (sort of) new SWOP member.

Particular strengths of the Supreme Courts Library are:

Historic collection of official publications and reports relating to the Scottish civil and criminal justice system

If you don’t know her already, Supreme Courts Librarian Jennifer Findlay will be attending our up-coming AGM, so you can meet her then.

logoWelcome to SWOP Jenny and the Supreme Courts Library!

Save the date!!!

This year’s SWOP AGM will be a half day event at the Advocates Library on 24th November, 1-5pm.

We hope to have 2 or 3 speakers and time for networking – with coffee and cake! – as well as the AGM.

More details will follow but please mark your calendars in the meantime.

SWOP LOGO - 2015 cropped

Introducing the SWOP Business Committee – Fiona Laing (Chair)



I have been a part of the Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications for many years and have found being a member of the group of great benefit to my work at the National Library. I was secretary of the group from 2009 to 2013 when I replaced Fiona McParland as Chair.

Being part of this group has given me an invaluable network of colleagues to learn from, share experiences and challenges with, and hopefully find some solutions that benefit us all.

The SWOP Business Committee is the driving force of the Group. It takes forward issues that members have raised at the meetings, plans training and outreach events.

The more people and expertise we have on the Business Committee the lighter the load. A huge amount of knowledge in official publications is not essential. We need people to assist with  social media and planning events. An enthusiasm for sharing information  and helping others goes a long way.

Government information should be accessible to all.  Unfortunately we are all overloaded  with the amount of information that is out there. Anything  that can improve access to this material should be applauded and supported.  SWOP is free to join and  can also provide excellent CPD opportunities.

In my role as Official Publications Curator at the National Library of Scotland I have responsibility for ensuring that the Library is  collecting government publications, in print and digital, from the UK and Ireland, the Commonwealth countries and also  Intergovernmental Organisations such as the United Nations and the  OECD. I suggest subsets of the collection for in-house digitisation, explore funding opportunities for external digitisation projects  and I actively promote the collection, of around 2 million items, at every opportunity. I work closely with the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, its  Agencies  and NDPB’s  to ensure that best practice in publishing is followed and their material is deposited with the National Library of Scotland and made accessible to everyone that needs to consult it.






Making connections

It’s all about making connections.image

Joining SWOP and the CILIP special interest group on government information (GIG)  can help you make these connections. It can give you opportunities to call on others expertise when you need it, widen your knowledge in a particular area, give free training and bursary opportunities, be inspired by others and share your challenges and solutions.

So SWOP you knowlege and expertise or attend the next GIG and see what you are missing.