SWOP Bursary Scheme

As part of its wider educational role, SWOP offers bursaries to its members to assist in attending appropriate meetings in circumstances where funding from their employers is not otherwise available. For example, SWOP can reimburse the registration fees for relevant seminars, or appropriate training costs for courses where the focus is on official publications. The reasonable public transport costs of travelling to attend such events, and meetings of related bodies such as SCOOP, may also be met.

In return for SWOP support you would be expected to feedback to SWOP in an appropriate way, by updating the membership with news and information from the event you have attended. This could be posted as a short report on the SWOP website, or briefly presented at a subsequent SWOP meeting (or both!).

If you would like to take advantage of a bursary, please read the guidelines below, then apply to the secretary of SWOP using the application form. SWOP will then respond with a decision as soon as possible

Bursary Guidelines:

  1. Please ensure that your application to SWOP is submitted as early as possible before the event
  2. Note that you are required to confirm that funding is not available from your institution or employer
  3. Items covered by the SWOP bursary will include event charges, training costs and travel by public transport. Reimbursement of other categories of expense will be discretionary. SWOP reserves the right to fund part or all of these charges for any individual event
  4. Please use the most reasonable, appropriate and cost-effective method of transport. Early planning can make a difference here!
  5. Approved expenditure will be reimbursed upon the SWOP Treasurer’s receiving appropriate original receipts indicating that the event and travel has taken place
  6. Expenses associated with regular SWOP meetings will not be considered under this scheme
  7. Events located outwith the UK cannot be considered