Draft Withdrawal Agreement: 7 documents you should bookmark

The Government has now published 3 key documents on the Brexit deal: a draft Withdrawal Agreement, an outline of the political declaration, and an explainer on the Northern Ireland Protocol. The same documents can also be found on the EU’s Taskforce 50 website. Read more 


Westminster Lens: Brexit Statutory Instruments dashboard

Is the government on track to meet its legislative target of at least 800 Statutory Instruments by exit day? How many Brexit SIs are being laid before Parliament each week? Which departments are laying the most SIs? Which Acts of Parliament are being used to lay them? How many SIs actually amend Acts of Parliament? How is Parliament scrutinising the legislation? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this  new data dashboard produced by the Hansard Society.


Brexit Roundup: Where Are We Heading?


This is the latest    report from the Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER)  a new independent and unaligned EU think tank, based in Edinburgh, that will inform, debate and provide up-to-the-minute, high-quality research and analysis of European Union developments and challenges, with a particular focus on Scotland’s EU interests and policies. This report covers topics from environment to devolution to trade to independence, it charts a rocky path ahead to any possible Brexit deal in the autumn – and the crucial question of whether such a deal will pass in Wesminster or face a further referendum vote on accepting it.

Brexit and Devolution report published today— EDC Information Update

The House of Lords European Union Committee has today published a report looking at the technically complex and politically contentious impact of Brexit on the UK’s devolution settlements and to the fundamental constitutional challenges presented to the United Kingdom as a whole. “the devolution settlements are built upon UK membership of the EU. Brexit will remove one […]

via Brexit and Devolution — EDC Information Update

New data shows why parliamentary scrutiny is not fit for purpose as the Great Repeal Bill looms


Promises to ‘take back control’ and ‘reclaim parliamentary sovereignty’ have dominated the Brexit debate. But as the Great Repeal Bill looms, new data published today shows why scrutiny procedures for delegated legislation are not fit for purpose and why, if they are not reformed, the Brexit process will enhance the power of the government rather than Parliament. Launching our Westminster Lens data project, this report examines the delegated legislation process in the 2015-16 session – including new data on controversial Henry VIII powers – and challenges a number of assertions made about the process by Ministers and Members of both Houses alike.

SLA Training Event – Copyright in a post-Brexit world

This event at National Library of Scotland may interest some of our SWOP Members. Join the SLA for a fascinating seminar on copyright presented by Dr Charles Oppenheim, a leading expert on this topic. The three-hour seminar will cover a brief summary of key copyright elements, recent changes to copyright legislation and their impact on librarians and information professionals, and the likely consequences for copyright law following Brexit. The seminar will be preceded by lunch and there will opportunities for questions and answers at the end of the seminar.