About SWOP

The Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications (SWOP) includes representatives from Scotland’s university libraries, the two major public reference libraries in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the National Library of Scotland, special libraries, and other bodies concerned with official materials. We welcome members from any sector of the profession with an interest in government information and documentation.

SWOP is affiliated to the Scottish Confederation of University & Research Libraries  (SCURL).

SWOP meets twice a year, with an AGM in November.

The Group has a Business Committee which meets 3 times per year between full SWOP meetings. Membership consists of 3 officers – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and four other committee members on a rolling basis. The Chair of SWOP (who should serve for a minimum of 2 years) and the ex-Chair should then stay on the Business Committee for purposes of continuity. All other post holders should be willing to serve on the committee for at least 1 year, or longer if desired.

Present Business Committee membership:

  • Chair: Fiona Laing (National Library of Scotland)
  • Secretary: Scott McGregor (University of Dundee)
  • Treasurer: Karen O’Brien (Edinburgh City Libraries)
  • Ordinary Members: Morag Higgison (Scottish Government), Fiona McParland (APS), Jill Tivey (SASA), Kirsteen Valenti (University of Glasgow Library), Sharron Wilson (Advocates Library), Luca Fois (Sheriff Courts Library Service), Sorina Mihai (Scottish Government Legal Directorate).

The Group regularly arranges seminars, on topics relating to official publications in the widest sense. Topics covered are varied and recent seminars have included Accessing Government Information Online, Freedom of Information, Scottish Statistics, and  “Electronic Sources of UK Legislation”