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Francesca Ezzelino,  Newsam Library and Archives, UCL Institute of Education is a member of SWOP and uses the network to ensure a comprehensive coverage of publications for Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA), their repository of Official Publications in the areas of education, training, children and families.

The UCL Institute of Education is home to an extensive print collection of Official Publications, beginning with the origins of state education in the United Kingdom in the 19th century to the present day. The breadth of the collection brings together key legislation, reports produced by select committees and government departments, circulars and memoranda. It also includes documents published by quasi-governmental bodies such as Ofsted, the Schools Council and the Higher Education Funding Council for England, as well as local authorities, political parties and trade unions.

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#LibrariesMatter because…

In the lead up to the local government election in May CILIP in Scotland will be campaigning for libraries across Scotland and showing why #LibrariesMatter.  SWOP members can help with this campaign.

If you would like to know more and become more involved take a few minutes to visit:

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Improving Schools in Scotland: An OECD Perspective

This policy review was commissioned by the Scottish Government. The agreed purpose was to inform the ongoing development of education policy, practice and leadership in Scotland, by providing an independent review of the direction of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and emerging impacts seen in quality and equity in Scottish schooling. It focuses especially on the cycles corresponding to Broad General Education (BGE, i.e. up to student age 15) with the brief being to:

  • Highlight key impacts of the approach taken to developing the curriculum to date.
  • Analyse key aspects of education policy and practice in Scotland, and integrate insights from PISA and other evidence from different countries/regions.
  • Highlight areas where further change or development could add value to an ongoing programme of educational improvement.

There will be an Scottish Government debate in the Scottish Parliament  on the 12th January 2016

  Delivering a world-class education system

Survey into the use of archives by teachers in Scotland



Survey into the use of archives by teachers in Scotland

An AHRC/Clore Leadership Programme funded research project, is investigating the use of archives in teaching.

The aim of the research is to analyse the current audience for archives and to identify any ‘barriers’ to access. The findings will enable archivists to improve access and support more teachers in their use of archives.

Teachers have been selected because they are an important group of current or potential archives users, working in primary and secondary schools throughout Scotland with young people from all backgrounds.

Curriculum for Excellence and National Qualifications provide a framework for teachers to develop particular skills, attributes and capabilities in and with their pupils. Using archives is one way of teaching and developing many of these skills.

Please take the time to complete this survey and also promote it to colleagues as widely as possible.

An electronic version of the survey can be completed at:

Please submit your responses by 30 November 2015.


Alison Diamond BD(Hons)
MA Archive Administration RMARA FRSA

Supreme Court launches ‘video on demand’ service

UK Supreme Court proceedings can now be viewed any time, any place, with the launch of an on-demand archive of past hearings unveiled today to complement the court’s existing live streaming service.

Lawyers, law students and anyone interested in the workings of the highest court in the land will now be able to watch hearings of cases over the preceding year at their convenience – a move likely to cut legal costs in the production of transcripts as well as providing a unique educational tool.

“Now justice can be seen to be done at a time which suits you,” said Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court. “The archive will help people see the background to decisions made in our highest appeal court. It will also be useful to the legal profession and serve as an informative tool for those considering a career in the law.”

Selected recent publications from Scottish Parliament & Government

Recent publications from the Parliament & Government

  • Delivering for Scotland: The Government’s Programme for Scotland 2010-2011 – Annual publication which lays out the government’s legislative programme for the coming year, including 10 bill proposals designed to protect public services and support businesses and families through a period of economic uncertainty
  • Higher Education: Qualifications, Quality Assurance and Assessment (SPICe Briefing 10/61) – paper provides a summary of the qualifications on offer at higher education institutions in Scotland. Also explains the differences between the types of institutions and how they are assessed
  • Recommendations of the Commission on Scottish Devolution Regarding Scottish Parliament Procedures (SP Paper 490) – 5th Report from the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee – the new UK Government intends to implement recommendations of the final report of the Commission on Scottish Devolution (Calman Commission) therefore the Committee has laid out proposals to Parliament on how this should be implemented in the areas of parliamentary procedure
  • Review of Class Size Control Mechanisms: Report of the Working Group – this group analysed current practice in Scotland, which is thought to be too complex, and compared this against practice in other countries. Guidance is provided on how best to set class sizes, but the decision should rest with education authorities who can make informed decisions at school level
  • Scottish Health Survey 2009: Vol. 1 Main Report / Vol. 2 Technical Report – fifth report commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorates. Results of the survey are presented in a 2 volume report and include data on general health and wellbeing, dental health, physical activity and obesity
  • Spending Implications of Demographic Change (Financial Scrutiny Unit Briefing 10/60) – paper looks at measures which could be taken now to prepare for sound public spending in the future. For example, health services and pensions are under threat due to our ageing population in Scotland
  • Troublesome Youth Groups, Gangs and Knife Carrying in Scotland – research report regarding knife crime in Scotland, and recommendations for changes to existing policy
  • Unemployment (SPICe Briefing 10/59) – briefing provides latest claimant count data on number of unemployed in Scotland, by Scottish Parliament constituency areas