New and improved website for the UN yearbook

Since 1946–47, the Yearbook has served as the UN system’s flagship reference work, providing comprehensive coverage of political and security matters, human rights issues, economic and social questions, legal issues, and institutional, administrative and budgetary matters. The Yearbook website made its debut in 2008, offering free access to the entire Yearbook collection.

Enhancing the standing of the Yearbook as the authoritative reference on the annual activities and concerns of the United Nations system, the new website boasts a powerful search engine and enhanced, e-book quality readability across all platforms and mobile devices. A scrolling gallery of Yearbook cover art provides clickable access to each of the 63 published Yearbook volumes.

The new Yearbook Pre-press offers a look at Yearbooks currently in production, with draft Yearbook chapters and detailed chapter research outlines added regularly.

The Yearbook Express, our online-only publication comprising all Yearbook chapter introductions—in addition to the annual Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization—in the six UN official languages, returns, with the 2009 and other editions coming soon.

The expanded Yearbook news section features stories with background in related Yearbook coverage. It complements the live feed from the Yearbook Twitter account, with its historical perspective on current UN issues.

About the Yearbook provides an overview of the issues covered in the Yearbook collection and information on the latest published Yearbook, along with a look back at the over six decades of Yearbook cover design. Other features include an FAQ page; links to other UN informational resources; and links to related publications, such as the 2104 edition of Basic Facts about the United Nations, the UN Chronicle magazine, the free UN Calendar of Observances iPhone app, and the United Nations Making a Difference educational calendar.
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