New content in the UN Digital Library: Press Releases

As of November 2020, more than 23,000 press releases going back to 1946 have been catalogued in the UN Digital Library, with more than 9,600 records linking to the online version.  Selected newly issued press releases are added on a daily basis.

The UN Digital Library contains descriptions of all biographical notes starting in 1946, more than 5,500 to date, which capture high-level appointments, as well as permanent representatives presenting their credentials to the Secretary-General. This makes it easy to find all the press releases issued for the representative of a particular country.

Over 2,000 press releases record appointments by the Secretary-General of senior officials and allow for easy access to biographical information, for example for Jan Kubis or Jane Holl Lute, who have held several senior appointments.

The UN Digital Library also contains descriptions of and links to the press releases focusing on the Secretary-General’s travels.

Other collections include almost 1,500 Security Council press statements issued since 2001, as well as all the statements issued by the Deputy Secretary-General since 1998.
The Dag Hammarskjöld Library maintains a vast collection of print press releases issued before 1995, which are not yet available online.  Please contact us should you need research assistance or require a copy of specific press releases.

United Nations oral history interviews and transcripts

Did you know that the UN Dag Hammarskjold Library offers a digital collection of oral history interviews and transcripts with senior UN officials and diplomats that offer insider views and personal perspectives on the Organization’s work to maintain world peace?

We invite you to explore this collection in the UN Digital Library.
You can also access this content by selecting the “Images and Sounds” collection from the UN Digital Library home page:

United Nations Digital Library SystemUnited Nations Digital Library System – United Nations Digital Library

Explore the world’s history by listening to (some of) the voices that influenced and shaped it!

What’s new on the UN Digital Library

UN Digital Library

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A much-improved version of the Digital Library has now gone live, powered by the latest search technology and offering new user-friendly features, including:

  • Searching through the full text of documents in 6 official languages is now possible.
  • Search results can be filtered by document types, UN bodies, year or subject.
  • Related documents are linked, making it easier to trace actions taken in UN bodies – from the draft to the adopted resolution and on to the meeting record and the voting results.
  • Registered users now can set up email alerts to keep up to date with new content on specific topics or by individual UN bodies
  • Users can also save and share queries or custom lists of documents.

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