Parliament debates Scotland’s Future

Deputy First Minister John Swinney will today invite Parliament to help put the Scotland Bill right and deliver meaningful new powers to Scotland.

Today’s Parliamentary debate on Scotland’s future comes a year after UK parties vowed to deliver further powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Smith Commission meets for the first time today

Lord Smith of Kelvin’s commission to look at more powers for the Scottish Parliament is to hold its first full meeting today.

Representatives of Scotland’s main political parties will congregate at the Green Investment Bank in Edinburgh later to try to find a consensus on further devolution.

Proposals have been made by the SNP, Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Greens.

Lord Smith said: “Having spoken to all of the parties individually, I believe the will is there to reach agreement.”

Prime Minister David Cameron established the commission after voters in Scotland rejected independence in September’s referendum, to meet the timetable for further devolution laid out in a cross-party pledge before the vote.

Members of the public can submit views to help guide the Commission’s considerations, before 5pm on 31 October. They can do so by emailing the commission or writing to The Smith Commission, 7th Floor, 144 Morrison Street, EH3 8EX.