Scottish Government’s new website going live in Sept 2018

SG beta site

The Scottish Government plan to transition their website from Beta in September. If you have been using the Beta site to search  for publications recently you might be a little perplexed by their choice of tagging.  Under the publications tab, for example, the word publication is used in many different contexts. Items with ISBNs appear to be filed under Corporate reports,  however if you use an ISBN in the search box it comes back as item not found.

Please be aware that none of these issues will  be looked at until after the site transitions in September.

The Product Manager of has a collated list of all  SWOP members’ comments and we look forward to working with this team to improve the functionality of the Publications section of the new site going forward.



Scottish Government website – feedback requested

Help us with our new website

There are changes being  make  to the Scottish Government website over the next few months and they are looking for participants to take part in user testing. Your feedback will help them to improve the marine and fisheries information on the site.

If you are interesting in taking part, please email