Scottish Parliament Publication – Who Does What?

A very interesting link that may be of interest to Public Librarians and perhaps School Librarians alike.

This leaflet explains the different roles of the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government, the UK Parliament and the European Parliament.

Scottish Parliament Publication – Who Does What?


Save Scotland’s school libraries

In 2015 the following authorities have proposed cuts to school library services:

• East Renfrewshire
• South Lanarkshire
• North Lanarkshire
• Falkirk Council

The Standing Literacy Commission (SLC) published their final report on the Scottish Government’s Literacy Action Plan.  The aim of the SLC report was to capture the impact of work undertaken across different sectors who have a direct influence on supporting literacy.  The following quote is taken directly from the SLC final report,

“…schools with school libraries and librarians achieved higher exam scores, leading to higher academic attainment; higher quality project work; successful curriculum and learning outcomes; more positive attitudes towards learning and increased motivation and self-esteem among pupils.”

Read more about the campaign and sign the petition