Scottish Parliament Publication – Who Does What?

A very interesting link that may be of interest to Public Librarians and perhaps School Librarians alike.

This leaflet explains the different roles of the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government, the UK Parliament and the European Parliament.

Scottish Parliament Publication – Who Does What?


Dublin city libraries & archives

Paulette Hill is visiting Dublin this weekend (lucky lady) and wanted to share this info with SWOP:

Original cartoon by Thomas Fitzpatrick, founder of The Lepracaun Cartoon MonthlyI doubt that I’ll get time to visit any of the Dublin city libraries & archives as they will be closed over the Easter weekend, but in case of interest, here’s a link to their Commemorative Projects – The Great War – online, exhibitions, and lectures –  which might be of interest to SWOP members

Happy Easter!


I like the look of The Lepracaun cartoons: 1905-1915. Thanks Paulette  🙂