Dzien dobry Glasgow! Dzien dobry Wroclaw! Training Event

This may interest some of SWOP members? I have booked a slot so if you are attending happy to chum you.

Dzien dobry Glasgow! Dzien dobry Wroclaw!
Date: October 31st – 7-8.15pm
Venue: Room 1130, National Library of Scotland
Details: Next year’s IFLA conference comes back to Europe, to the city of Wroclaw in Poland.

To give you the flavour of Poland, ILIG is bringing its Informal Talks to Edinburgh where Polish Librarian Sylwia Grabowska will give an overview of Polish Libraries and her work in Scotland and overseas.
Sylwia moved to Glasgow in 2013 to study for an MSc in Information and Library Studies at the University of Strathclyde. Prior to coming to Glasgow, she studied MA of Polish Philology with specialisation of Scientific Information and Bibliology and worked as a librarian in a regional pedagogical library and a high school library in the Polish city of Elblag, near Gdansk. She is also a qualified teacher. She is currently working as College Librarian in the Scottish School of Christian Mission in Glasgow, leading project development of the library, including cooperation with libraries in Malawi and Pakistan.
Sylwia will give an overview of the history of Polish libraries and development of the Polish librarianship; she will discuss current legal situation, modern issues and talk over major Polish libraries, with focus on the National Library of Poland; and share her experience of work in various libraries across countries.
The event also relates to the following areas of CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB):
2.7 Knowledge sharing and collaboration
9.3 Advocacy 9.5 Partnership Development
11.4 Service innovation, development, and design
12.5 Communication skills 12.6 Networking skills
ILIG Informals are not lectures; they are informal, but informative, early evening meetings with a short talk on a theme of international interest plus plenty of time for questions and networking. They are open to all and absolutely free. Light refreshments are served which is why we ask you to let ILIG know you are coming by booking online.


United Nations iLibrary

The UN iLibrary is now available via the National Library of Scotland either on site or if you are resident in Scotland with a reader’s card you can access this remotely.

The United Nations iLibrary is the first comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations.

Publications are now available online in the single research repository. Content is organised by series title, publication year and alphabetically; and search and discovery of complete publications or even their components – chapters and articles – is a click away. The content is accessible in different formats – PDF and READ – to meet users’ needs, whether for reading on a mobile device, sharing with peers via social networks or integrating content in a report.

More Information about United Nations iLibrary

Download a brochure (PDF) detailing the United Nations iLibrary service.

United Nations iLibrary has been developed in partnership with OECD Publishing and the OECD iLibrary. The OECD iLibrary is also available via the National Library of Scotland with the same arrangements for access.

Time travel

SWOP members might be interested in this photo of the old NLS reading room c.1950…

A Very Fine Library

This photo shows the public reading room used by the National Library of Scotland before the completion of their purpose-built George IV Bridge building. It probably dates from the early 1950s since the NLS building opened in 1956.

I love this picture. The readers all look oddly familiar to me. Doppelgängers of people I see around me every day…except the man on the far right of the pic. The older man staring straight into the camera. He is clearly a time traveller from the future – notice the laptop on the desk in front of him and the way his feet don’t quite touch the floor…

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