GIG award for National Library of Scotland

GIG Award2

“Troublesome to find and often overlooked”: the House of Lords papers digitisation project.

ProQuest’s U.K. Parliamentary Papers resource contains “the richest and most important nineteenth century collection of printed government records in existence in any country”; but there was a gap – namely, the papers of the House of Lords papers from 1806 onwards.  It is little known that these papers contain much which is not duplicated in the House of Commons papers.  For example, in session 1845 alone, there are 72 Lords papers which cannot be found in the Commons set; between 1801 and 1859, over 35 important papers on Canada and the USA have been noted as appearing in the Lords set but not in the Commons set.   It made perfect sense to digitise these, and after a long search for partners and funding, the House of Lords Library and the National Library of Scotland pooled their papers (the majority from NLS) for a large-scale project funded by Proquest. This makes the U.K. Parliamentary Papers resource complete and a huge and rich resource for researchers from all disciplines.

The Library garners 15% royalties from all Proquest sales (currently worth c.£85,000)

Jan Usher (project manager) and Elaine Simpson (curatorial assistant) were recently presented with the CILIP GIG (Government Information Group) Annual Award for their work on the project.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Interface refresh!


This October, the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers is getting an interface refresh and moving to a new location: the ProQuest Government Platform.

To prepare for this move, please review the following recommended guidelines.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers empowers researchers to explore the British perspective on historical and contemporary events through a vast and authoritative archive of official government documents spanning three centuries.

Moving the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers to the ProQuest Government Platform offers many benefits to both the library and the end user including:

  • Faster, more intuitive interface
  • Related News and ProQuest Congressional items will display, subject to your library’s holdings
  • Cross-searching with Congressional content allows greater exploration into areas of social, political, economic and foreign policy of both the United Kingdom and the United StatesLaunching in late 2015, the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers will provide online access to previously unseen and valuable historical documents, and the very first digitized collection of the 19th century House of Lords Parliamentary Papers.  By cross-searching both the House of Commons and the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers, researchers can explore the greater social, political, economic, and foreign policy of the United Kingdom.
  • For additional information, contact us.
  • View the full list of benefits

This is taken from  Proquest’s site announcing product upgrades.