Standing Committee on Official Publications – Report from meeting – 13th Sept. 17

Report from Steven Hartshorne, Secretary, SCOOP

This was Andy Zelinger’s first meeting as Chair and one of the first orders of business was the unanimous election of Fiona Laing of the National Library of Scotland (and SWOP, the Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications) as Vice-Chair.

gig-leafletKaren George, the chair of the Government Information Group spoke  to the committee about the work of GIG, which represents the interests of knowledge and information management  specialists working in government departments and agencies, parliamentary and national libraries. Especially of interest were the ways in which the groups could work more closely together, particularly in the areas of training in working with Official Publications and government information. Since there are areas of mutual interest for members of GIG and SCOOP, another area of cooperation would  be the promotion of each other’s events and projects.

The committee also discussed the launch of SCOOP’s Print Still Matters questionnaire which will help SCOOP decide on the future development of the PSM project. The original project aims to give an overview of the print Official Publications collections held in libraries in the UK, however the database (and website) have not been updated since 2013. Since keeping it maintained and updated is onerous and undertaking a full and proper revision will incur costs, we devised a short survey to try and find out how much it used and to help us make an informed decision as to whether and how to continue it.

The questionnaire is available here:

The committee then went on to discuss the drafting of a further questionnaire for SCOOP members on the future development of the committee and future projects for the committee to work on, such as additions to our very well received Relegation Guides (available here:

Part of the process of consulting with its members will be a new constitution for the committee which will clearly set out its aims and objectives.




Visit to National Library of Scotland’s Map Collections 20th Oct 2.30pm

CILIP’s Government Information Group has organised a visit to the National Library of Scotland  Map Library on the 20th Oct. maps-of-scotland

The National Library of Scotland Map Library is one of the ten largest map collections in the World, holding around 2 million maps, as well as atlases, gazetteers, and a growing collection of digital map datasets. This visit will include a talk describing the main highlights of the map collections, their users, and the growing ways the content is delivered online through, as well as a brief tour to view maps themselves and storage facilities. Chris Fleet is Map Curator at the Library, where he has worked since 1994, with particular responsibilities for digital mapping.

This visit is open to SWOP members and their colleagues

Reserve your place here

Nominations for CILIP Government Information Group Annual Award

 This year the closing date for nominations for the 2016 GIG awards is 30 June 2016.

If you would like to nominate yourself, your team or a colleague, please email a brief citation to Stephen Gregory, the GIG Secretary, at: StephenGregory2@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK

Each year the Government Information Group presents two awards which recognise major contributions to the government knowledge and information management profession.

GIG launched its annual award in 1998 as part of the celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the Group’s formation and nominations are now being invited for the 2016 awards.

GIG presents two awards each year: the first – the GIG Annual Award – is granted to mark a major contribution to the government knowledge and information management function during the previous year. If the work in question relates to something concerning one particular department or organisation, it must have a wider application i.e. it must be a concept which could usefully be introduced elsewhere. It can apply to a publication (in whatever format), a system development, development of a policy or procedure, a working practice, work on a committee, and so on. It is open to anyone, individuals or groups, working in government KIM functions, irrespective of whether they are members of the Government Information Group, CILIP, or the profession. It is also open to GIG members, students and others, who do not work in government, but who can produce evidence of a piece of work which meets the key criterion of being a major contribution to the work of government knowledge and information management.

In 2015, the Award was presented jointly to a team from the Welsh Government and The National Archives. Their nomination detailed an excellent example of collaborative working between colleagues from two departments and has wider application to all government departments undertaking digital transfer of records for permanent preservation.

The second award is the GIG Lifetime Achievement Award which is awarded in recognition of a major contribution to government knowledge and information management over a sustained period. In 2015, the award was won by Gill Baker, formerly of the Department for Education, for her commitment to the government KIM community in dealing with the many professional challenges she faced during her career.

You can read the citations for last year’s winners, and view a list of previous winners of the GIG award, on the GIG website.

This is an ideal opportunity to achieve wider recognition for the innovation, hard work and commitment which is found throughout the government KIM function, so please consider submitting a nomination.

This year the closing date for nominations for the 2016 GIG awards is 30 June 2016.

We very much hope that the winners will be presented with their awards by Nick Poole, Chief Executive of CILIP, at the GIG AGM in September.

If you would like to nominate yourself, your team or a colleague, please email a brief citation to Stephen Gregory, the GIG Secretary, at: StephenGregory2@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK