Scottish Court of Session Papers; digitisation pilot

The collection is held across three institutions; The Advocate’s Library, The Signet Library and the University of Edinburgh’s Library and University Collections. The collection itself consists of circa 6500 volumes, comprising court cases which span the 18th and 19th century.

Find out more about the project on the University of Edinburgh’s Digital Imaging Unit’s Blog .


EPPI and BOPCRIS*: What happened next? | OfficialPapersUK

The Hartley Library at the University of Southampton has an extensive collection of printed British official publications, known as the Ford Collection.  The collection is named after the late Prof…

Source: EPPI and BOPCRIS*: What happened next? | OfficialPapersUK

Progress status of the digitization of United Nations documents

The UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library is collaborating with the Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva in digitizing pre-1993 UN documents. Documents in the six official languages are scanned, processed for full text retrieval, and uploaded to the UN You can download an updated list in PDF format (last update: July 2012) of pre-1993 UN parliamentary documents that have been digitized and uploaded to ODS so far.

Veterinary medicine reports now available for free

I’m delighted to announce that 146 volumes of Veterinary medicine reports are now available on the National Library of Scotland’s Medical History of British India website. Click the link to browse and search 40,000 pages for free.

The Veterinary collection covers 1864-1959, focusing on veterinary diseases, colleges and laboratories and Civil Veterinary Departments. This free to access, important material provides extensive research on animal diseases such as surra and rinderpest. Detailed reports show how veterinary medicine was used by the British colonists to control disease, maintain livestock and alleviate famine and its effect on military and local communities.

Illustrated with many photographs, maps and charts, this material will be useful to those interested in veterinary science, military medicine, animal husbandry and agriculture.

A new viewing function enables up to 30 pdf pages to be selected and then ’stitched’ together for easier reading.

The material, from the National Library’s India Papers, was microfilmed and digitised using a grant from the Wellcome Trust.

A dedicated Medical History of British India blog

The National Library of Scotland is now hosting a blog solely dedicated to the Medical History of British India Online project.
The blog will cover topics such as digitisation issues, updates of the project’s progress in microfilming, digitisation and OCR, medical history and modern health issues and India.
The WordPress blog appears here on the Medical History of British India website and is listed here on the NLS blogs page.
The blog also features pages about the current specifications for the project which may be useful to those involved in digitisation projects.

Comments about the project and blog are most welcome and should be sent to Francine Millard