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Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

Telephone 0131 244 4556
Fax 0131 244 1419
Official Publications website (if available)
Contact/Subject Specialist

Morag Higgison, Librarian

Neil Lynch, Assistant Librarian

Collection Description
  • Scottish Office / Scottish Executive / Scottish Government publications
  • Scottish Executive / Scottish Government consultation responses
  • Environmental impact statements
Collection strengths As above
Access to Official Publications
  • Organisations staff
  • Other

Access by other users: Public access by appointment to view consultation responses and environmental impact assessments. Please contact the Library in advance to ensure documents are available.

Services (related to Official Publications) The Library liaises with other areas within the core Scottish Government which work with Official Publications e.g. Communications Directorate (which manages the publications contract), and Solicitor’s Legal Information
Subscription Databases
  • Justis
  • UKOP
Passage of Bills series no subscription
Entry updated November 2016

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