SWOP 25th Birthday Celebrations Competition #SWOP25th

SWOP is celebrating its 25th birthday and at our AGM we be taking the opportunity to reflect on SWOP’s work over the past 25 years as well as looking to the future. We thought it might be fun to take a moment and record what our libraries look like now as who knows what they may look like in another 25 years. So please take a photo either from your desk or window of your work place, or even a shelfie. Post it on either Knowledge Hub, Twitter or SWOP Blog.  One photo only. Any photographs posted will be printed and entered into a prize draw at our AGM.

To post on Knowledge Hub you need to be registered. If you are not registered drop me an e-mail and we will get that sorted.  Photos can be posted in the Forums area of Khub and a guide detailing how to load photos is available in Library. If you want to tweet your photograph please do so to @SWOPforum. This will be fed through the SWOPforum web pages as well at https://swopforum.wordpress.com/category/swop/ . SWOP members should also be able to post photographs on to the blog. If you need any more guidance on any of these options contact me on sharron.wilson@advocates.org.uk.

The SWOP AGM will be in Sanctuary space in St Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge on 19 November at 15:00. More information on the AGM will follow soon.

For now I have put up a photograph of the Advocates Library to get us started….

Join in when you can!


SWOP AGM 2014 – 25th Anniversary meeting!

Our next SWOP meeting will be the AGM on Wednesday 19th November 2014, 3pm at Augustine United Church, 41-43 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

This will be a special 25th Anniversary AGM where we will be taking the opportunity to reflect over what has changed in the world of Official Publications over the last quarter century. Former members will also be invited to help celebrate this significant moment in SWOP’s history and enjoy the social gathering afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there!

AGM 19th November, 3pm
Venue: Augustine United Church, 41-43 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL Scotland

Save the date – SWOP AGM Wednesday 19th November 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Our next SWOP meeting will be the AGM on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at 3pm. SWOP will be holding a special 25th Anniversary AGM where we will be taking the opportunity to reflect over what has changed in the world of Official Publications over the last quarter century. Former members will also be invited to help celebrate this significant moment in SWOP’s history and enjoy the social gathering afterwards. Please do keep this date in your diary and I look forward to seeing you there. Further details regarding venue etc. will follow.

Kind regards

Helen Costello
secretary of SWOP

SWOP meeting – June 2014 – Minutes on KHub

Draft minutes for the last SWOP meeting are now available to view on our Knowledgehub group page.

The Knowledge Hub (KHub) group is a closed forum for SWOP members. It will allow you to communicate with other members, access minutes of meetings and promote events to the group.  All members of the KHub group are encouraged to post on the page.  Please sign up to the KHub and join our group

SWOP on Twitter

The Business Committee have decided to change SWOP’s Twitter username since the old name, @SWOP2013, contained a fairly meaningless number.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the new name, @SWOPforum, makes more sense, looks better and is much easier to remember.

If you already follow SWOP on Twitter you shouldn’t have to do anything. The technology is very clever and should sort everything out for you automatically.  If you don’t already follow SWOP on Twitter – why not?!?  By following @SWOPforum you’ll see all of our tweets and retweets on OP and related matters on your Twitter Homepage – as well as notifications of new posts here on SWOP Blog.

Hope to see you in the tweetosphere   🙂


Time travel – part 2

I think I’ve finally finished fiddling with this site…for the moment anyway. I’d really welcome your feedback

A Very Fine Library

I’ve recently spent a lot of time developing and enhancing the SWOP Blog so it can become the group’s primary public site. A major piece of work was designing and building a new home for SWOP’s unique ‘Directory of Official Publications in Scotland‘, then transferring, checking and updating all directory entries from the old website.

I created ‘Events’ listings, added a word cloud and Twitter feed – and my recent #happygeek moment was setting up new ‘pages’ and figuring out how to re-direct posts to them via the ‘Categories’ function. Such fun! Finally, I added a welcome page and re-jigged the site to make that the new home page – all done.

SWOP Blog - now SWOP Blog

I used the same template/theme for SWOP Blog as I chose for A Very Fine Library. Initially, this was for reasons of expediency (see here) but I’m so happy with the look and…

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Forthcoming events

Here are a few items for your diary – although details are still to be finalised:

  • Our next meeting will be the AGM in November (date and venue to be confirmed).  Since SWOP will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in September, this AGM may just be a little more festive than is usual!
  • We’re hoping to offer a couple of training sessions this year: “Social media for researchers” – to be run by the Scottish Government Library – details are still to be confirmed for this;  Also, we hope to liaise with the Scottish Law Librarians Group (SLLG) on a training course to cover the Scottish Parliament legislative process, legislation and basic legal materials – but this is currently just a “concept”
  • …and finally, there is talk of organising a little excursion to visit the Scottish Book Trust in the autumn.  This will be a bit of a social event – and I’m sure it will be lovely!

Exciting as all these sound, nothing is yet confirmed for any of them.  Please watch this space for updates!

SWOP meeting – June 2014

We had most enjoyable SWOP meeting today at the Scottish Parliament building.  The meeting was followed by an interesting presentation by Francesca McGrath, Senior Researcher at the Scottish Parliament.  Francesca showed us the Scottish Parliament Information Centre’s Referendum Hub 

In the run up to the referendum there has been a lot of information produced by a variety of commentators on all sides of the debate. Material on the Referendum Hub site has been selected by impartial researchers within the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), who have made every effort to ensure both sides of the debate are fairly represented. 

More details on the content of the Referendum Hub can be found here:  Referendum Hub

SWOP Directory

Calling all SWOP members (and other interested parties)!

I’m currently working to update the entries contained in our Directory of Official Publications in Scotland.  I’ve been emailing the contact addresses we have available so, please check your Inbox!  However, even if you haven’t received anything from me, please feel free to examine the entry for your organization and let me know if anything needs amended.

If I don’t hear back by the end of the month, entries will be moved into the Directory Archive.  This is an entirely reversible process so don’t hesitate to get in touch about changes, even after that date.





I’ve finished transferring content from the SWOP website to the Directory here on the Blog.  Information has been directly transferred, except for instances where there was an obvious error in the page headings.

What do you think of this method?  Does it work?

I welcome any feedback you have on this or any other recent changes to the blog.




Please do not be alarmed!

As part of the sub-group looking at SWOP’s online presence I volunteered to investigate how the SWOP blog could perhaps be expanded.  Since the existing ‘theme’ did not support the addition of extra pages, I had to change it.

Please rest assured, we can go back to the old look if required.  This is just an experiment… having said that, I’d welcome your comments on the new look and layout (especially the extra pages).  Also, I’ll be at the AGM on Wednesday if you wish to tackle me in person…

Thanks – and apologies for any consternation caused


SWOP website – what do you use it for?

We will be changing the layout of the SWOP website in the future and would like to know what you find most useful about it? Do you use the links to monthly lists? Are you interested in forthcoming events? Is there anything that you would like to see included which isn’t at the moment?

Please send any views or opinions either by commenting on this post or by email to kirsteen.valenti@glasgow.ac.uk