Weekly lists

the latest weekly lists are now available on the SWOP website at: http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/library/swop/Official%20Lists/WeeklyList.html.
The Scottish Parliament web-only list for July (1 item!) is also available at:  http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/library/swop/Official%20Lists/SPWebonlyList.html


Launched today the new legislation.gov.uk website brings together the legislative content currently held on the OPSI website and revised legislation from the Statute Law Database to provide a single legislation service that replaces the current services. The OPSI and SLD websites are in the process of being decommissioned with users re-directed to this new service.

The website has most (but not all) types of legislation and their accompanying  explanatory documents. For a full list of legislation types held on legislation.gov.uk see Browse Legislation.

  • All legislation from 1988 – present day is available on this site (see ‘What legislation is missing’ for details of any known legislation not available)
  • No secondary legislation items (e.g Statutory Instruments) are available before 1988 as they are not available in a web-publishable format
  • Most pre-1988 primary legislation is available on the site. In some cases only the original published (as enacted) version and no revised version. This occurs if the legislation was wholly repealed before 1991 and therefore was not included in the revised data set when it was extracted from Statutes in Force. In other cases there may only be a revised version if the original (as enacted) version is not available in a web-publishable format.

Scottish European Resources Network

Scottish European Resources Network consists of European Union information providers from across Scotland. Formed in 1996 as a forum for discussion between the individual EU information networks and to represent the views of the networks in a Scottish environment.

This year’s annual briefing was held at the European Parliament Office in Scotland on Friday 14 May 2010 and was on the subject of the practical effects of the Lisbon Treaty.

See Report (doc) and two associated powerpoints; A light on Lisbon and Life after Lisbon