Brief instructions for posting to this site

Members of SWOP are welcome, and encouraged, to post onto this site – if you don’t already have access, please contact the Webmaster for information.

In order to post you must first login. Then, go to the Dashboard, choose Posts then Add New – you can also click the ‘Write’ button at the top right of the screen. Remember to give your new post a title, then enter your text into the main text-box below the toolbar.

Use the link icon in the toolbar (or ctrl + k) to add hyperlinks to you posts. When adding links, especially to external sites, please always tick the option that will Open link in a new window/tab’. We don’t want users to accidentally shut down our site or be whisked away from it!

Categories & Tags
This site uses a system of Categories to funnel and direct posts into specific subject areas. Please do not create categories of your own (they will just be deleted by the Admin). Open the Categories & Tags menu to the right of the New Post screen and choose a relevant category from the options available:

  • Education – Learn more about working with Official Publications
  • Events – Information on upcoming SWOP meetings, training and other OP occasions
  • Publications/Resources – Official Publications news and updates – including digital resources
  • SWOP – SWOP meetings, news and other business

All posts, including Uncategorized, will also appear under the News tab.

Tags can be used to index a post – this provides a link between similar posts and also allows simple searches to be conducted via the Tag Cloud in the sidebar. Open the Categories & Tags menu to the right of the New Post screen and either choose your Tags from the list of options already available, or enter new tags of your own.

Adding Media
Pictures, documents, videos, tweets, etc. can be added to your post by clicking the Add Media button on the tool bar.

Check the Sharing menu to the right of the New Post screen. Be sure the option to share with @SWOPforum on Twitter is selected. If you want to add hashtags or any other text to the tweet, type it here before publishing the post.

When you’re ready, click the Update button on the right of the screen. Your post will publish immediately. Alternatively, it is possible to ‘schedule‘ a post to be published later. This is a useful way to avoid multiple posts all publishing at once You can always edit posts as required.

When you create a SWOP event in Eventbrite and want it to appear in our Eventbrite calendar you need to make sure of two things:

  1. You created the event using the SWOP Eventbrite account
  2. You set the event as ‘public‘ (‘private events will not show up in the calendar)


Please contact the Webmaster if you have any questions. Training on the use of this site may also be available