The Northern Ireland Command Papers. A conversation with George Woodman


The Northern Ireland Command Papers – A conversation with George Woodman

George Woodman began working with official publications three years preceding his appointment to Stormont where he was the Librarian before retiring on 31st March 2011. His career spanning 37 years establishes him by his contemporaries as the authority on Northern Ireland official publications, and this is matched with his depth of understanding and experience of official papers emanating from the wider jurisdictions of the UK and Ireland. His papers, “A Century of Partition”, (Church of Ireland Clougher Diocesan Magazine 2021) and “Official Publications – 30 years of change”, (published in Refer Summer 2012), explain the establishment of Northern Ireland and the changes in official publishing during his career. Both provide valuable context for this piece, which focuses on the Northern Ireland Command Papers (NI Cmd. Papers). Relating to a wide range of topics, most Command Papers were…

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