AI, Armed Forces Families, and Children’s health: New Official Publications 08.06.22

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AI Watch, road to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by the public sector: A handbook for policymakers, public administrations and relevant stakeholders. “This handbook is the first endeavour at the European level to outline possible avenues to promote AI in support of public services. The recommendations and the actions included in this handbook are formulated in compliance with EU values and digital principles, and intend to provide a multi-level and multidimensional actionable plan to foster citizen-centric and inclusive AI adoption and use by the public sector, as a safe, lawful and trustworthy driver to achieve common good and wellbeing in the European society at large.”

Public opinion in the European Union: First results: Latest edition. “This First Results report details the first results of the Standard Eurobarometer survey of Winter 2021-2022 in the 27 EU Member States. The survey was carried out between…

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