Regulating Online harms, European Defence and Security, and Life at Age 14: New Official Publications 21.02.22

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Image of the front cover of the publication titled Regulating Online Harms
© Parliamentary Copyright House of Commons 2022. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

Regulating online harms – “This Library Briefing looks at the Government’s plans to regulate harmful online content.

Harmful online content and activity includes cyberbullying, racism, misogynistic abuse, pornography, and material promoting violence and self-harm. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen groups using social media platforms to spread anti-vaccine disinformation.

Critics, including parliamentary committees, academics, and children’s charities, have argued that self-regulation by internet companies is not enough to keep users safe and that statutory regulation should be introduced.”

Ukraine: Russia’s “red line” – “Russian military forces are building on the borders of Ukraine once again. What are Russia’s intentions and how is the West responding?

In early November 2021 Russia began building up its military forces along the borders of Ukraine, for the second time in a year. Over 100,000…

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