Sport statistics, music streaming, and Legal Aid: New Official Publications 27.09.21

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The differing EU Member States’ regulations on prostitution and their cross-border implications on women’s rights. “… after assessing the state-of-the-art of prostitution regulations in EU MSs and the current situation of sex trafficking and related data in the EU) [this study] identifies and evaluates cross-border problems/risks related to differing national EU MSs’ regulations and suggests future EU legislation to reduce them, thus preventing women from being trafficked while also protecting fundamental rights and gender equality.

Mapping of sport statistics and data in the EU: Final report to the European Commission. “This study is the first in-depth mapping of statistics and data regarding the economic and social contribution of sport at both EU and national levels in the EU-27.”

What if the Internet failed? “Since its early development in the 1960s, Internet infrastructure has become almost as important as electricity and transport infrastructures in contemporary…

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