Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, online advertising, and the future of Public Service Broadcasting: New Official Publications 21.06.21

*OECD Publication – Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence is available to registered readers of the National Library of Scotland, living in Scotland, via the OECDiLibrary.

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Online advertising: the impact of targeted advertising on advertisers, market access and consumer choice. “In this research paper, we provide a comprehensive overview of online advertising markets and we analyse the challenges and opportunities concerning digital advertising. We review the degree to which existing and proposed legislation at EU level addresses the identified problems, and identify potential solutions, with reference to experience from EU Member States and third countries. We conclude with a synthesis and specific policy recommendations, drawing on stakeholder interviews.”

Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors: Recommendations of the OMC (open method of coordination) working group of Member States’ experts. “All recommendations are based on practical experience and good practise case studies. They highlight the importance of political commitment to improving gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS).”

Coronavirus pandemic in the EU: Fundamental rights…

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