Blockchain, football, and Covid-19 : New Official Publications 26.04.21

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Digital Cultural Diversity “Digital technologies have revolutionised every aspect of our lives, and culture is no exception. Technology has a huge potential to make culture accessible to all, by democratising both consumption and involvement in cultural creation. However, technology depends on equipment and infrastructure, which does not necessarily facilitate the diversity of content available and discoverable online. Other factors, such as language, skills or geographical location can also make it harder to discover online cultural content reflecting cultural diversity.”

Study on ‘Solar Fuels Research & Invest: Defining and developing the global solar fuel value chain: techno-economic analysis and pathways for sustainable pathways for sustainable implementation’: “This European Commission funded study provides a techno-economic analysis of global solar fuel value chains and pathways for sustainable implementation.”

Advanced technologies for industry: AT (Advanced Technologies) watch : technology focus on blockchain. “As part of a series…

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