The Turing Scheme, Blue Carbon, and a Digital Green Certificate – New Official Publications 29.03.21

University of Glasgow Library Blog

Newly published official publications from :

Westminster and the UK Government

Image copyright: UK Parliament

UK-EU TCA: professional qualifications – “This briefing explains what has changed for UK qualified professionals who seek to practice in the EU market and vice versa. It summarises the provisions in the Agreement under which the UK and EU can come to sector-by-sector mutual recognition arrangements in the future.”

The Turing Scheme – “This briefing gives an overview of the Turing Scheme. The scheme replaces the Erasmus+ programme in providing funding for participants in universities, colleges, and schools to go on study and work placements across the world from September 2021.”

Oxbridge ‘elitism’ – “For the last two decades both Oxford and Cambridge have taken more than half of their entrants from state schools. The latest rates are 61% for Oxford and 65% for Cambridge, or somewhat higher if overseas students at UK schools…

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