The Future of Work, Loneliness, and Semi-natural Habitats – New Official Publications 16.02.21

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Newly published official publications from :

Westminster and the UK Government

Image copyright: UK Parliament

International and EU students in higher education in the UK FAQs – “This House of Commons briefing paper answers some frequently asked questions about international and EU students in the UK. It sets out statistics in this area and outlines policy issues including the potential impact of Brexit and the net migration target on international and EU student recruitment.

Brexit and financial services – “Financial services made up 6.9% of the UK’s total output in 2018 and contributed £29 billion in tax in 2017/18. London (and the UK more generally) has benefited from close commercial and regulatory integration with the EU.

Single Market rules allow financial businesses authorised in any Member State to operate freely across the European Economic Area (EEA). This system is known as passporting.

Once the UK had confirmed its intention…

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