Food Banks in the UK, Understanding US Presidential Elections, and the Gender Pay Gap: 2019 – New Official Publications 20.10.20

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Newly published official publications from :

Westminster and the UK Government

Big Ben Image copyright: UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

The French Nuclear Deterrent – “The French nuclear deterrent is the one that is most often compared to the UK’s nuclear forces. While there are similarities in terms of policy, posture and size, there are also significant differences in terms of industrial support and cost. In contrast to the UK all of the major political parties in France support an independent nuclear deterrent, and domestic support is high. This paper examines the French nuclear deterrent in greater detail. It is also part of a wider Library briefing series on nuclear weapons.”

Food Banks in the UK – “The primary source of data on food bank use is the Trussell Trust. This national charity provides food parcels to people referred to it by professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and…

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