Coronavirus, 3D printing, and tax avoidance – New Official Publications 21.04.20

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Newly published official publications from :

The European Union

General view of the Plenary chamber in Brussels – PHS Hemicycle – Plenary session week 46 2014

The Intellectual Property implications of the development of industrial 3D printing. This study analyses “the IP implications of the development of industrial 3D printing and clarify how the existing IP framework brings protection to IP rights holders. The focus is on seven industrial applications of AM: health, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods/electronics, energy, industrial equipment and tooling and construction and building sectors.”

A comparative analysis of non-discrimination law in Europe 2019: The 28 Member States, five EU candidate countries, and the EEA countries. “The objective of this report is to compare and contrast anti-discrimination law … based on the country reports written by the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination.”

Eurostatistics – Data for short-term economic analysis – 2020 edition

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