Scottish Parliament beta site

The Scottish Parliament would like feedback on their new website which is currenty in beta.  The  site  hosts Legislation (Bills)  and Debates and Questions. My first question is “Where has the official report gone?” The publication called the Official Report, established in 1999, is not mentioned on the beta site. It appears now under  ‘Debates and Questions’. This is an issue for archiving purposes, metadata creation (is this a change of title? I believe not) and citing the resource, for example. Authoritative information is difficult enough to find so consistency  in my experience is key.  Please have a look at the new site and see if it meets your users needs.  Feedback can be sent to or by clicking on the ‘was this page useful’ tab at the foot of each webpage.







One thought on “Scottish Parliament beta site

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Thank you for this. For what it’s worth, we are working withe Parliament feed in technical design comments on the structure of the beta site so as to make it as archive-friendly as possible, before it goes live. We’ve tried some test crawls on the beta version and noticed some issues with its new cookies message (it presents as an http POST which is rubbish for web archiving) and the SP web team are working to change this for the better.
    Garth (NRS)


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