Advance, entrench, hold the line

Great blog post from Scottish Natural Heritage describing Polish troops in WWII at Tentsmuir in Fife

Scotland's Nature

This is the NNR front line – the place where Scotland’s coast is growing fastest, pushing eastwards into the North Sea. On average, Tentsmuir Point has expanded by nearly five metres each year for more than two centuries. It’s a process that has been happening at different rates for millennia.

Aerial view of Tentsmuir NNR. ©Photo-Aerial Photography Solutions Aerial view of Tentsmuir NNR. ©Photo-Aerial Photography Solutions

That’s why the former island where Mesolithic people made use of the Tentsmuir and Morton coast for fishing and hunting thousands of years ago is now several kilometres inland. Why a stone put near the shore to mark a boundary between salmon fishing areas a few centuries ago is now deep in the forest. Why the seals that haul out on Abertay Sands now need to peer back inland, over the beach and towards the trees, to glimpse the line of large concrete blocks laid close to the tide’s edge just under…

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