Spotlight on Aberdeen University Library

Aberdeen EDC

Aberdeen University Library has the largest collection of Official Publications in the North of Scotland.  Based in the Taylor Library, which is also home to the law library, it holds collections of publications from:

  • UK and Scottish Parliaments
  • Government departments and agencies (including census material)
  • United Nations
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Much of our paper collection is made up of older material (pre 2007) and is largely of interest to those doing historical research.  For newer material we help students and academics to source material on databases such as Public Information Online, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, Westlaw and OECD iLibrary as well as freely available UK, Scottish and International websites.  We are happy to help non-Aberdeen University users source official documents either from our paper collection or from official government websites. We can also assist them use the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database which can be accessed using the Walk-in users service.

The Taylor Library is also home to the European Documentation Centre (EDC) and holds a collection of material published and deposited by the European Commission to enable the study of European integration within the University and to make this available to the wider local community.  There are EDCs across the EU including approximately 30 in the UK.  We have an enquiry office situated on the second floor of the Taylor Library.  The EDC physical collection is reference only. However, much of our work involves assisting users to find publications using databases and online sources. Our EDC material is shelved as a separate collection. We highlight new material with a display of recently received book and journal acquisitions and also provide free pamphlet material from the EU aimed at the public.

The EDC office is adjacent to the EDC collection and as well as providing assistance to those using this collection we act as the help desk for the wider Official Publications Collection.

To help students we have produced a number of guides to our collection:

The Official Publications Collections

The European Documentation Centre


In addition we produce a blog called EDC Information Update where we highlight information on resources, publications and events, within the University or the city, we feel will be useful to our users.  At the moment most of our posts are about Brexit but we do try to include other things too!

Alison Steed and Ross McClure


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