You will not  find this important publication on the Scottish Government website although it has their branding on it or should I say it HAD their branding on it. When I started this post on Thursday the Scottish Government logo was on the front cover.  When I set about checking the draft post today the logo has been removed.

The document  actually appears  on the Scottish Grocers’ Federation website.

The Welcome on page 4 states (page 2 is a blank page – not good practice when producing electronic documents)

“New laws on the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes come into
force in 2017. The SGF has been supported by the Scottish Government
to work on behalf of retailers to understand those laws.

This guide is to help you understand those changes and
to provide tips and advice on how retailers in Scotland
may comply with them.  SGF are committed to working with retailers to keep
them informed of changes that affect them and to seek clarification on their behalf where required. We would like to thank the Scottish Government Tobacco Control Team for their collaboration in producing this guide”

This may not appear important to many people but as a librarian and someone responsible for collecting ALL Scottish official publications this makes my job extremely challenging.

We do not want to be in a position where important  government publications  are lost as they have not been deposited at the National Library of Scotland as part of the Nation’s memory for future generations and future governments to consult.

This is also a clear demonstration of  how publications can be altered on a website in the blink of an eye.





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