Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP)

The next SCOOP meeting is on Wednesday 15th March at 2pm at CILIP HQ in London.

The current  Chair, Andrew Coburn,  is no longer employed in a library job  so wishes to relinquish his position as Chair of SCOOP and   therefore  a replacement is needed. The Chair should be a library and information worker and it would be helpful if the person is also CILIP member. The Chair and / or the Secretary must be a member of what used to be CILIP’s Information Services Group (ISG), but what is now known as the Knowledge and Information Management Group (KIMG). As the Secretary is  a KIMG member it’s not essential for a new Chair to be so at present.

The work involves chairing the meetings (twice yearly from 2017) and assisting the Secretary in compiling the agenda, in addition to following up with any work arising from the meetings. The Chair and Secretary are invited to KIMG/ ISG meetings but need not   attended regularly so long as a written report is submitted

If anyone is interested in the role, or wants to know more and / or discuss it further, please contact Steven Hartshorne, Secretary, Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP)





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