Information Services Group Forges Ahead into a New Phase of its Existence


David Smith, Chair, Knowledge and Information Management Group

Following on from my proposal laid down within the last edition of Refer, ISG is to transform into part of CILIP’s new Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM) Group. Following the consultation, all feedback received was positive regarding the changes, with many emphasising that the information skills used by many of our members were key to being an effective knowledge and information management professional. In fact, it is recognised that the needs of users and the utilisation of the information and resources that we manage is crucial to providing a good service to our users. CILIP has also congratulated ISG on its innovative approach to not only be present at the K&IM table, but to embrace change and to be subsumed into it.

So what does this mean for ISG? The National Committee had its last meeting as ISG on 9th November…

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