Christmas is cancelled by order of the Government!

University of Glasgow Library

A search in the House of Commons Journals Indexes dated 1547-1659 reveals that, for a period, Christmas was cancelled by order of the government.

Christmas Cancelled

Resolved, That no Observation shall be had of the 25th Day of December, commonly called Christmas Day, nor any Solemnity used or exercised in Churches, upon the Day, in respect thereof.

The extract above (dated 24th December 1652) from our collections shows the House of Commons ordering that the shops remain open on the 25th December, and that shopowners were to be protected from ‘wrong or violence’ from any protesters.

The order continues that ‘no observation shall be had [on the day] commonly called Christmas Day’ and that churches were to hold no special services or ceremonies to mark the occasion.

At the bottom of the extract we can see that the Houses of Parliament were operational the following day, both a Saturday and Christmas Day…

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