Robots, STEM and tourism – Newly published Official Publications 21.11.16

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Newly published official publications from:

Westminster and the UK Government

un_geneva_human_rights_and_alliance_of_civilizations_roomYemen at war “This paper explores the developments in Yemen since the Saudi-led intervention began in March 2015, and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen. It discusses how Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and ISIS/Daesh have benefited from the chaos.

It also looks at the UK role in easing the humanitarian situation in Yemen at the same time as providing arms and assistance to the Saudis. Finally it looks at the chances of a peaceful solution to the conflict, the broader Saudi-Iranian rivalry and some likely outcomes in Yemen and the region.”

Responding to human rights judgments 2014 to 2016; Annual report to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the government’s response to human rights judgments “This report sets out the government’s position on the implementation of human rights judgments from the European Court of Human Rights and…

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