Where Did All the Information Go? Well at Least the Important Stuff

An interesting article from Refer: Journal of the Information Services Group (CILIP)


Paul Johnson, Staffordshire University


There is a lot of current concern about the sheer amount of web pages and digital documents being lost forever. In this definition “lost” implies destroyed. A report in 2011 by the Chesapeake Digital Preservation Group suggested that approximately 30% of a control group of 2,700 online law related materials disappeared in 3 years. Librarians have been highlighting this concern for many years and must take a lot of the credit for the introduction of so many successful web archiving initiatives – including the Non-Print Legal Deposit legislation enacted in the UK in 2013.

However, for this article I want to focus on a different kind of “lost” information, where the definition of lost refers to information that cannot be (easily) found. In December 2015 I gave a presentation at a Koha library systems event, which explored the changing environment of discovery services within…

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