Scottish Parliament’s Business Publications

With effect from 10 July, the Scottish Parliament will become its own publisher. The main changes to note are:

  • The Scottish Parliament will no longer allocate ISBNs to its publications
  • The Scottish Parliament will no longer print its publications
  • The National Library of Scotland will manage legal deposit for the Scottish Parliament and will catalogue its publications
  • APS will no longer send out a daily list but the Scottish Parliament will instead list each day’s publications on its website. You may want to bookmark the page for easy reference:

If you would like to subscribe to an email alert that lists the previous week’s publications, please contact Public Information at the Scottish Scottish Parliament’s Business Publications


The publications affected by this change are:

These publications are mostly serials and can be identified by date of issue and/or by a series number. They are all available free of charge on the Scottish Parliament’s website, either via the latest publications page or by the direct links above.


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