#swop25th Anniversary AGM – a brief report

This afternoon SWOP held its 25th Anniversary AGM at Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. A gratifyingly large number of SWOP members, old and new, turned up to mark the occasion.

SWOP – originally the Scottish Working Group on Official Publications – held its first meeting in 1989. A few years later the first edition of the Directory of Official Publications in Scotland was published. I got a little geeky thrill when Fiona showed us a copy of that, since I spent a fair bit of last year building the current version of the Directory which lives on this site.

Once the official AGM business had been carried out, and the winner of the photo competition had been drawn, we had a couple of very interesting and informative presentations.

First Juliet Grimes from the Scottish Government gave us a very entertaining talk on Responsible Procurement. It’s good to know that Scotland is a world leader in the development of sustainable procurement via the “Marrakech Process” (aka the “Machrihanish Process” – though Juliet’s attempt at Scotification has so far failed to catch on).  Juliet also made an amusing comparison between the serialisation of Dickens’ Pickwick Papers and the tweets of Why my Cat is Sad.

Then Dr Amy Todman (National Library of Scotland) provided an overview of the challenges of collecting the diverse range of materials related to the Scottish Independence Referendum. I for one am relieved to learn that, due to the introduction of new parody legislation, NLS will be able to collect the marvellous videos of Lady Alba.

Once the AGM and presentations were over it was time for some networking …and a little bit of wine. The Business Committee laid on a huge and excellent selection of food. We had a good go at devouring it all but there was still plenty to take home in doggie bags. Speaking of which…

This was, without doubt, the best 25th Anniversary AGM I have ever attended. Very happy Birthday SWOP!

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