Time travel – part 2

I think I’ve finally finished fiddling with this site…for the moment anyway. I’d really welcome your feedback

A Very Fine Library

I’ve recently spent a lot of time developing and enhancing the SWOP Blog so it can become the group’s primary public site. A major piece of work was designing and building a new home for SWOP’s unique ‘Directory of Official Publications in Scotland‘, then transferring, checking and updating all directory entries from the old website.

I created ‘Events’ listings, added a word cloud and Twitter feed – and my recent #happygeek moment was setting up new ‘pages’ and figuring out how to re-direct posts to them via the ‘Categories’ function. Such fun! Finally, I added a welcome page and re-jigged the site to make that the new home page – all done.

SWOP Blog - now SWOP Blog

I used the same template/theme for SWOP Blog as I chose for A Very Fine Library. Initially, this was for reasons of expediency (see here) but I’m so happy with the look and…

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3 thoughts on “Time travel – part 2

  1. Hi Jane,
    The SWOP blog is great! Really clear, interesting, and I like the offbeat items (e.g. the library mummy!) that you’ve included in A very fine library!
    Just one point. I went to the web archive site and put in ‘SWOP Blog’ but it didn’t recognise it. Maybe it cuts off after a certain date?
    Best, Paulette


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