Forthcoming events

Here are a few items for your diary – although details are still to be finalised:

  • Our next meeting will be the AGM in November (date and venue to be confirmed).  Since SWOP will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in September, this AGM may just be a little more festive than is usual!
  • We’re hoping to offer a couple of training sessions this year: “Social media for researchers” – to be run by the Scottish Government Library – details are still to be confirmed for this;  Also, we hope to liaise with the Scottish Law Librarians Group (SLLG) on a training course to cover the Scottish Parliament legislative process, legislation and basic legal materials – but this is currently just a “concept”
  • …and finally, there is talk of organising a little excursion to visit the Scottish Book Trust in the autumn.  This will be a bit of a social event – and I’m sure it will be lovely!

Exciting as all these sound, nothing is yet confirmed for any of them.  Please watch this space for updates!

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