Change to parliamentary session at Westminster

As there is to be no official announcement of this change I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the parliamentary session will now run until Spring  2012.  Some (but not all) publications are coming through with the session 2010-2012 printed on them.

This was the information supplied to me from the Parliamentary Liaison Officer “As you know, although the Government announced an intention last year that the present session should end in spring 2012, no change was made at that time to the House’s formal use of the standard ‘session 2010-11’ terminology to describe the current session. This reflected the fact that the House itself had not taken any formal steps to endorse the proposal. In agreeing on Wednesday 30 March to a revised set of dates for private members’ bills it has now done so, and accordingly the House’s documents—including select committee reports and other material—will be referring instead to ‘session 2010-12’. This should take effect from after Easter (ie from Tuesday 26 April).”