Northern lights in dark days

Today while roaming the world of information, I came across a journal which is new to me. It is called ‘Scandinavian Public Library Quartery’ and it is full of interesting articles.

The aims stated by SPLQ resonate particularly strongly given the issues currently facing the library sector in the UK ;

Our explicit aim is to introduce current tendencies and strategies in Scandinavian libraries to the English-speaking world and create a forum for interesting and constructive dialogue.

It is our strong belief that Nordic public libraries must have a voice in the international library world.
Because we have a unique story to tell:

  • a story about libraries – even in thinly populated regions
  • about networking
  • about establishing good and highly relevant content on the Internet
  • about bridging the virtual and the real library
  • about outstanding library architecture
  • about information policies in some of the strongest democracies in the world.

The following article entitled  ‘No man is an island
(When there is a book boat service available)’ has lessons for our own government about access to library services and remote areas.

I hope that you find some time in your busy days to have a look.


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