Local legislation

You may not be aware that Justis have now added electronic versions of all UK local legislation to their subscription database.  The original plan had been that OPSI would make the data available to the general public via the Statute Law Database (now at legislation.gov.uk), but this has not yet happened. This is how Justis describe their coverage:


 1.                UK Local Acts

Coverage 1797 – Present
Format Internet
Update Frequency Dependent on release of new material
Data Provider Office of Public Sector Information
Additional Info A growing collection of Private Acts is included as part of this series
  1. 2.                   A complete and fully searchable database of all as-enacted, full-text local legislation from 1797 to date, incorporating a growing collection of private and personal legislation

This is the most comprehensive collection of local acts available electronically anywhere.

The series contains a diverse collection of full-text, as-enacted material on land, public access and all manner of local issues that afford unique benefits or powers not available under general law. It can be used in the specific jurisdiction over which each act has authority or provide guidance or inspiration elsewhere.

Fully and intuitively searchable in isolation or alongside other series to which you subscribe on Justis, it will also be indexed on JustCite, allowing you to see how the various pieces of legislation it contains have been put to use in court.

The Local Acts on Justis are unique for a number of reasons:

         Elsewhere, most of its full-text content is available only in hardcopy

         On other databases, electronic records go back only to 1991

         Nowhere else are references to Local Acts as easy to search as they are on Justis

  1. 3.                   A note on Private Acts

While in development, our growing collection of Private Acts (also known as Personal Acts) is included for free for subscribers of the Local Acts series. Most of its material is from pre-1834 and is in the painstaking process of being data-captured, while the bulk of post-1834 material is in place.


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