Introduction to Social Media in the Workplace

A very big thank you to Jenny Foreman and Morag Higginson of the Scottish Government Library and Information Service for the course they delivered yesterday. It was a very helpful, informative and enjoyable course and I am at last able to blog as a result!

It also demonstrated what a wealth of knowledge, talent and expertese is hidden away in the SWOP membership. I hope as a result of the course we will all be more engaged in sharing and communicating through the blog. In these days of financial constraint and pressure on everyone’s time and resources, it is an ideal way to keep in touch.

Jenny and Morag have offered to run the course again later in the year , if  there is enough demand from members, so please do email either Fiona Laing or myself to register your interest.

Have restful weekends all



2 thoughts on “Introduction to Social Media in the Workplace

  1. It was great to meet some SWOP members and here how ‘potentially’ Social Media in the workplace could work for them. We always attempt to make sure that the course content explains exactly “what it is”, “the benefits” and “the uses”. Throughout our time in compiling course material and delivery it is important to make sure that those attending the course can see what’s in it for them, and the benefits in attending.


  2. Hello Fiona,

    Thanks again for inviting us to run a short version of our social media course. We enjoyed taking it and thanks to everyone for coming along and making it a lively session.
    If anyone is interested in having a look at our training materials then please do so on the Scottish Government Library blog.
    We’re using our blog to ‘hold’ our training documents and are still to start utilising it as a blog with up to date postings of what we’re doing. Also, please note that our training materials are written for Scottish Government staff so the emphasis is tailored to them.
    Thanks again,


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