Introduction to social media for the work place

This free seminar on the 3rd March at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh is now full however if you are  still interested in attending please let me know by email and  we can look into running it


9 thoughts on “Introduction to social media for the work place

  1. I have a question. What is a good way to refer to the new government website that is replacing OPSI and the Statute Law database? I haven’t seen an official ‘title’ just the URL. I want to add it as a link on the University’s A-Z list of online resources and need a ‘hook’ to hang it on,
    Many thanks


    1. Its name is You can qualify this by giving the subtitle they give on the site – the official home of UK legislation if you think that is clearer.


  2. Welcome to everyone is here on the awareness session this morning. Lots of conversation and sharing of information about social media tools.


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