Recent publications – 31st August 2010

  • Mapping the Economy (SPICe Briefing 10/46) – paper provides useful info regarding recent changes in the Scottish economy such as employment levels, claimant count rates and changes in house prices
  • Operation of the Homeless Persons Legislation in Scotland – a National Statistics publication which provides data on homelessness applications in Scotland
  • Protection of Workers (Scotland) Bill (SPICe Briefing 10/47) – this bill proposes to create a statutory offence relating to assaults on people who are in contact with the public as part of their job. This paper compares the proposal to existing law
  • Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2006-07 and 2007-08 Offender Cohorts – Statistical Bulletin Criminal Justice Series – National Statistics paper which shows reconviction rates in Scotland
  • Scottish Health Survey: Topic Report UK Comparisons – report looks at data gathered during four Health Surveys in each country of the UK. Comparisons are drawn between each country, and shows how Scotland fares in areas such as diet, physical activity and smoking/alcohol consumption
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